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As April arrives it seems to be time for me to take up my crayons in order to do my write up for the
Units Website. I would like to say that I instinctively remembered this task however I was helped by
Sergeant Dan Collins broadly hinting that it was the end of March! 

March was a very busy month (aren’t they all) especially for individuals with Cadets representing Wing
and Region at various sports, others away on Wing NCO Courses (Well done Cpl Hubbard and
Sgt Lister) and six 1211 band members at the Regional Band Camp.  It will interest you (or not) that there were only 30 Cadets at that particular camp and 20% were ours!  Not bad for an area that has around 180 Squadrons.

​ As you are aware, one of our ambitious staff thinks it’s a good idea for the senior cadets to take part in the Belgium ​Read More....

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