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Foolishly, at the 1211 Squadron Staff Conference in January, I offered to do a write up for the Units 
Website on the basis that there was nothing interesting to read on the site.  What I thought was
a throwaway comment was instantly picked up by the rest of the staff with comments of, “You will 
have to type it and can’t use a crayon!” also “How did you know that we have a website?” and 
“The Squadron Commanders monthly blog!  That’ll be interesting…. probably.”

Staff support notwithstanding, we have already got through two months of the year and I would like to look at where we stand at the moment. The Staff Conference went well with the 1211 team organising our external programme for 2017 with the emphasis being on ensuring that our Cadets have as many opportunities as possible put their way.  We also looked at 2018 with another trip to Belgium for the 100 Anniversary of the end of the First World War (and along with that, if enough Cadets are interested, Read More....

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