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What a month! April 2017 must be one of the highest achieving months in our history! Starting with 
Sgt Izzy Hughes; she became the first girl in 1211 history to gain a Flying Scholarship. Who said it 
was a dark day in the eighties when girls first gained entry into our organisation? Ms Hughes then 
goes on, within a matter of days to become the first ever 1211 Cadet to become the RAF Wittering 
Station Commanders Cadet. As if that wasnt enough for one month, Sgt Hope Lister becomes the 
​Derbyshire Royal Air Forces Association's Cadet of the Year!

Surely that would be enough for any Squadron Commander, having these two SNCO's representing the whole of the Unit at such a high profile level. However, we are the Swadlincote Squadron and our Cadets can achieve great things especially when it came to the Morris Cup inspection where, despite half of the Cadets being away on holiday, having to parade ​Read More....

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